Diamonds: How They Got To Be That Color

Did you ever walk into a jewelry store and
see blue diamonds, pink diamonds, yellow
diamonds, or green diamonds, and wonder how
they got to be that color by nature? Yes
diamonds come in all of these colors, and
more naturally
When a diamond appears colorless, white light
or daylight ( all the colors of the spectrum
enter the diamond and are all absorbed so no
color is reflected back to the eye.
Color in diamonds is absorption and
reflection of light.

This is caused in three ways:
Diamonds are pure carbon so something else
was caught in the stone during the formation
of the diamond
which changes the absorption spectrum.
Take yellow and orange diamonds for example
they contain nitrogen while blue diamonds
contain boron.
Gray, violet and some green diamonds contain
As you can see these are all elements that
were caught in the stone during its

So what is another way green diamonds get
their color bet you can never guess? Give up
well here is the answer:
(Natural Radiation) which over millions of
years alters the atomic structure of the
diamond thus changing
the absorption spectrum to give it a green
appearance. No natural green diamonds are not
so you do not have to worry about wearing

How do pink, red or brown diamonds get their
color? Plastic Deformation; yes that’s right
plastic a
twisting of the atomic structure of the
carbon atoms during the formation of the
diamond in the earth.
How ever they get their colors they are
beautiful to look at nature has out performed
when it came to the making of colored

You can also color a diamond by radiation Nu
Age Tecnologies is one of many companies that
does this treatment and they can color a
white diamond blue, green, yellow, and
orange. If you are buying a colored diamond
you should make sure if it is color treated
or colored from nature. Diamonds that are
colored by nature are more expensive then a

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